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The People Behind Kanto

design dog bed, koiranpeti, hundebäd, hundeseng

Annu – Operations

An international leader from Helsinki on a mission to drive sustainability. I aim to accelerate the transition to a sustainable future for everyone. I believe in combining business results with sustainability, diversity, empowerment, and compassionate leadership.

design dog bed, koiranpeti, hundebäd, hundeseng

Stephanie – Marketing

An international marketer from Canada passionate about building brands that enhance our human experience. My approach is to elevate the everyday by using the power of creativity & collaboration to drive positive consumer experiences and healthy business results.

design dog bed, koiranpeti, hundebäd, hundeseng

Mirja – Product

An Estonian native now residing in Helsinki, I have navigated my career from the fashion industry to interior architecture. I am a firm believer in the transformative power of design and the importance of infusing creativity into the everyday.

design dog bed, koiranpeti, hundebäd, hundeseng

Anders – Advisor

From Helsinki, I have over two decades of experience in textiles and the fashion industry, I am a pioneer of groundbreaking textile recycling innovations. As the visionary behind Costo and Pure Waste, my mission is to redefine the fashion landscape by integrating sustainability and innovation.

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