About us

About Us

Kanto was born out of a desire to provide the best for the ones we love and care for.

The name Kanto has dual meaning in Finnish and embodies this idea beautifully.

1. “To carry” represents our nurturning side.

2. “Tree trunk” symbolizes our commitment to using natural materials to provide safer, longer lasting products.

Launched at Helsinki Design Week in 2023, our team of experienced tailors and designers set to create the highest quality products that improve your dog's life and make your home more beautiful.

Our mission is to elevate the standard of design & sustainability in pet products

Our approach

We choose to work exclusively with the world’s leading furniture manufacturers to make our products and prioritize repurposing famous designer fabrics into our collections.

Who we serve

Style-conscious pet owners who want the best for their pets without having to compromise on their personal style.

They are frustrated about not being able to find options that meet their practical and aesthetic needs.

Our acclaim

Our products are proudly certified by Design from Finland®, have been received Monocle Design Award, and have been widely recognized for their excellence across the international design community.