Durable dog bed, kestävä koiranpeti, Utrolig slidstyrke


The facts behind our sustainable practices

Repurposed designer fabric

We proudly use repurposed deadstock fabrics for our covers, reducing wastage and giving these fabrics a new life. The industry average is currently 30% of the production textile goes directly to the landfill.

Recycled Pillow Materials

In collaboration with the Wendre, we utilize 100% recycled materials to fill our pillows. This allows us to incorporate sustainable practices into our products, giving new life to recycled materials.

Exceptional durability: Martindale score >45,000

Our fabrics undergo rigorous testing, proudly achieving a Martindale score of 45,000 or more. This signifies exceptional durability and meets the industry’s highest commercial-grade standards.

Natural fibers

Made with natural or OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified fabrics to keep them from harmful particles.

Responsible production in Europe

Our fabrics are sourced from Europe. Our pillows are carefully crafted by the Wendre. The skilled team in Tallin, Estonia handles the sewing of our products. This European production ensures quality and aligns with our commitment to responsible practices.

Why it matters

The textile industry is responsible for 92 million tons of solid waste dumped into landfills each year. That's the equivalent of one garbage truck full of clothes being dumped into a landfill every second of the day.